Secretary of State Out of State Formal Hearing

Out of State Formal Hearings allow those who have left Illinois a chance to get your license back.  Brian routinely works with clients from across the country removing license holds preventing you from getting a license in your home state.  The process while straightforward has many hoops.  Brian will personally guide you through all these hoops to get this process behind you.  The Secretary of State has a team of people reviewing your petition to reinstate your Driver's License, and you need every advantage to be successful.

The best part pf this process is you never need to travel.  While many attorneys require their clients to travel Brian is able to handle everything by phone, mail, fax and email.   Why?  Keeping your cost down is a key part of customer service.



Any person who lives 30 miles or more from the Illinois State line AND one of the following:

  • Revoked for an Illinois DUI
  • Revoked for a Non-Illinois DUI
  • Revoked for Non-DUI moving Violations
    1. Gather any license paperwork you still have.
    2. If you are missing paperwork that is ok Brian can order copies.
    3. Have A Free Consultation
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