Secretary of State Formal Hearings

Formal Hearings with the Administrative Hearings Division of the Illinois Secretary of State are full of pitfalls.  In person hearings with a Formal Hearing Officer requires a large amount of paperwork and the ability to testify competently.  You will need a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation as part of this process.  Brian will work with you and the evaluator to make sure your paperwork is ready.  Additionally, in many cases more paperwork is required beyond the evaluation.  The most important step in this process is to prepare you to testify.  Brian will work with you to make sure you are able to testify to all the information the Secretary of State requires to reinstate your license following a DUI or other revocation.

The day of the hearing Brian acts like a swim coach and lifeguard.  First guiding you through direct examination and then protecting you during cross examination.  The Secretary of State has a lawyer and a person acting as a judge in the room.  If your petition to drive is denied you are realistically looking at least six more months of license revocation if not years.

Any person with one of the following:

  • Revoked for an Illinois DUI
  • Revoked for a non-Illinois DUI
  • Revoked for Non-DUI moving Violations
  • Revoked For A Felony With A Motor Vehicle
  • Revoked For Any Other Reason
  • Wish To Contest An Improper Suspension
    1. Gather any license paperwork you still have.
    2. If you are missing paperwork that is ok Brian can order copies.
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